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We Are Currently A Member Of:
The Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club of Oregon (listed on breeder referral list)
 The Golden Retriever Club of America
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
AKC Canine Health Foundation
 X-treme Air Dogs (Dock Diving)

Our puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and a spay/neuter contract.  Occasionally a puppy may be available to a show/breeding home with AKC Full Registration, but additonal contract requirements are needed. Currently our puppies are $1300

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 to see current pictures of puppies and adults, see training tips, and read owner comments.  This is the most current info.

Please check below for information on upcoming litters.  We appreciate your interest in our dogs! 

Sunset HHF Shake And Bake JH CCA
Please click the link to view the pedigree
She will be bred spring of 2015 and pups would be ready in the Summer.  She earned her AKC Junior Hunt Title on May 25, 2014.  Pups from this litter will be dark golden/red and will excel at hunting, nosework, tracking, agility, and they  would be great running buddies.
I have 3 spots available on this list.

Sunset HHF PAVE Liberty CCA
Please click the link to view the pedigree
She will be bred in 2015 and should have outstanding pups with this Sire.  The combined pedigree include many Champions, Outstanding Sires/Dam, Obedience/Hunt/Rally titles and I'm sure I am leaving something out!  These pups should be exceptional and excel at conformation, obedience, therapy, and perhaps a service dog in there somewhere.  The would make lovely pets as well.
I have 4 spots available on this list.

For more information on our next planned litter please email me at:
IMPORTANT!!! WE ARE NOW TESTING OUR DOGS FOR PRA!  This is a relatively new test, but can cause early blindness in Goldens.  When looking for your new Golden, PLEASE be aware that ALL breeders should be testing for this! We are also now testing for ICHTYOSIS!  This is a skin issue that causes flaking of the skin. 
To read more on PRA & ICHTYOSIS, please visit this link: 
 BOTH OF OUR MALES TESTED CLEAR FOR BOTH OF THESE!!!  That means that NONE of our puppies can have either one of these defects.
For information on our GUARANTEE and/or Puppy Contracts...
What to expect when you visit our puppies...When you come to visit us you will get to meet/play with the parents.  Our other dogs are here and out as well.  If a relative is onsite to the litter I will gladly show them and talk about personality and ability.   I am happy to answer questions and introduce you to any of our dogs.   And of course, PLAY WITH THE PUPS!
You may visit adults at any time with an appointment. 
Visits are in my home.  Puppies are raised indoors (eventually they are trained to a litter box).  My dogs are not typically kenneled and I do not board other dogs.  They DO have several acres to run over with ponds and a large horse barn w/indoor arena for them to keep watch over.  This is in addition to the fact that all of the adults are house trained.
When you take home your new puppy, they will be registered with AKC (if you are ready with a name), insured, and vet checked (+ a free vet visit ready to use at pickup).  They will have had first shots and been wormed several times.  All vet/medical records, multi-generation pedigree/titles, and all testing info about parents (OFA, CERF, PENN-HIP, PRA)+ several generations of testing results/pictures will be provided.
Training Opportunities...
These services are only being offered to people that have purchased puppies/adults from Sunset Goldens. The goal of these training sessions are to help support the bond between human and dog with the goal of earning a Canine Good Citizen Award, or at least having the knowledge if desired.  If you purchased a puppy elsewhere I am more than happy to recommend some wonderful training options.  I compete in AKC Rally, Obedience, and Conformation. 
In Home Training, or "Puppy Tune-ups"
This is for anyone wanting extra help with a dog, or to get an excellent start with a pup.   
For this training, the dog or pup comes to stay with me to work 24/7 on anything and everything from crate training to very advanced good manners (heel, sit, down, stay, not jumping, etc).  The idea of this is to help give you an extra head start and not to let bad habits form.  I will only accept 1 dog for this option at a time.  If I have a dog/pup visiting for in home training then this WILL be the dog I take with me to the weekly group training sessions.  In most cases, this training will be $125 a week.  Owners must provide food and current health records. Dog must have a microchip.
Group Training
   This training will be done at various places each week and can be on a drop in basis.  I am all over with my dogs to get them socialized and working in distracting environments.  This could mean that one day we tackle downtown Portland, and the next time do a petstore/mall walk, and the next time we head to the park.  People that are interested please send an email.  I will not list locations, but will come to an area near you with my own dog to work and most often will be one on one to work on anything you'd like help with.  Be prepared with treats(that your dog likes) and warm clothes.  Don't forget to have a list of things you'd like to work on!  Since I will also have a dog there, this session will be $20 an hour.
Puppy Classes
     If we have enough interest I am happy to offer puppy classes at a discounted rate.  Either at my home (good weather permitting), or at a neutral site.
If you have any other questions, or are looking for excellent trainers in the area, PLEASE visit my link page to find wonderful options there as well. 
If you have questions, or would like to reserve  an AKC Golden Retriever pup please visit our contact page, or email at:  and we will get back to you.
I appreciate all inquiries!  Thank you for considering a Sunset Golden to be a part of your family.

These are pictures that we have received from new owners with their puppies.  If you don't see your pups pictures up here, send some please!  This page is all about seeing puppies as they mature and get bigger.  What you may expect if you are looking to purchase a puppy, or even trying to see what different parents  might produce.
I am going to see if I can update slide shows by years from now on.  So each slideshow will state the year the litter was born. 
4 litters are planned
(sorry for the grouping, but just a pain to seperate...)