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Butter I could type for hours about and still not say enough things. She is perfect... to me. And, usually to those that meet her. She is beautiful and smart. Her mom is Shasta, she is a full sister to Boo the Service Dog. She is really what I think anyone who wanted the ultimate pet would look for. She is happy playing and also relaxing. I don't want to repeat what has already been said about her... She is a show Champion and has already earned her CGC, but I had stopped training with her until the past few weeks. She seemed bored with it until recently. So I am hoping her blog area will talk about motivating a calm dog and getting attention at dog shows and high stress places. I'd really love for her to earn an AKC Rally Title and maybe a Beginner Novice Obedience Title.

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KC Canby Show Rally Excellent

trisha: Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2011 3:48 PM

Well, this weekend was a mixed bag with Promise for sure! We are having to repeat the Rally Excellent classes again because when we entered it the first time I entered wrong. So, I was hoping we'd go 3 for 3 again and it would be done. Not the case this weekend. I need to go back to the drawing board on this one. Friday was 2 shows in one and Promise was a complete wreck the first one. For a dog that is normally totally composed and on top of it, she had less than 0 focus. It took us 3:44 to complete the course. The poor honor dog that had to do its stay while we went!!! As unfocused as she was we still finshed it with a score of 85 only to have her bolt for the enterance to another dog. Therefore, our qualifying score was NQ'd. So FRUSTRATING!!! I also have no reason for the change in her...

The second show was the dog I was used to :) She did a wonderful job and so we ended up with a qualifying leg.

Same for Saturday. She was kind of inbetween the two, but managed to qualify. She was just lacking the usual energy and bounce in her step.

So now time to problem solve on that.



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ally leg #2

trisha: Posted on Friday, August 05, 2011 9:14 AM

Pebbles is off and running! She earned her second leg at the Stumptown show in Portland. I am coming to terms with how to get what I need from her while she is a puppy, but a smart one!

In order to not overwhelm her, I do keep her kenneled until after she shows. She gets potty/water breaks only. AFTER she is done, then she gets to explore the show grounds and meet other dogs and people. In fact, I try to find the quietest place to kennel my dogs away from all the noise and she does not go ringside with me until the dog infront of her is halfway done. This is backwards of what I would normally do and I am switching for a couple of reasons. #1. She is so young and I'm asking her to be very focused. Traveling through hundreds of dogs and people is NOT the way to relax her. #2. That walk/being social has now become her reward. It is during her "off" time and she gets to do as she pleases, not as I ask her too.

The first day of the show we did not qualify. My fault, not hers. I failed to teach her 2 exercises she needed, but unfortunately it totally slipped my mind until I saw the course :( BUT she had a great time in the ring which at this point is the real goal for me when we head into a show.

The second day she was wonderful and I am certain that it was hard for the judge to tell which of us was having more fun and was more excited to be there. At one point, I was so excited when she did the hardest excercise that I actually said, "I love you Pebbles!" right in the ring... probably too loud, but I didn't care. I was so proud of her for doing it. Her attention was good. Heel position was pretty good. And, her tail NEVER stopped wagging! She may have missed treats, but it a great experience for her when she's happy to be there without treats and as a reward when leaving the ring, they handed her a squeaky toy. We then sat ringside for almost 2 hours while she played catch with that toy. She had to think it was the best day ever!!!

I'm thinking she will finish her RN title this year and I hope start if not finish her Beginner Novice Obedience title by the Rose City dog show.

I cannot stop smiling about this dog :)


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AKC Canby Show 2011

trisha: Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2011 3:57 PM

This was Pebbles first time out in Rally. Before I go any farther, just let me say I am so proud of this dog. I was chomping at the bit to see if she could be in such a distracting environment and perform... and without treats!!! So many firsts!!!!

I was very worried about overworking her at a young age, so she was crated much of the time. But warm ups she was just "on"! The first time out, she was doing great, but midway through the run she needed a potty break(darn grass!) and we left before she did anything.

The second show, no joke, I was nervous! Up until this day, I'd never even asked Pebbles to sit in heel position without treats. This day though, she did it like an old pro and stared up at me with big brown eyes that seemed to say, "its okay mom, I got this!" And did she! She ended up with a score of 85... which for only being 7 months I am extremely happy with. So many first came out of this show and she handled them all like a pro. I am so excited for finishing this title and continuing on with everything that is in store for this girl. Also another first, sitting each time we stop... meaning we will likely work on Beginner Novice Obedience after she finishes her Rally Novice title.

Cannot wait til next time! This dog is a diamond in the rough :)

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TRISHA: Posted on Monday, September 12, 2011 9:12 AM

Quarter earned her Rally Novice Title on 9/10/11! She was such a trooper. She earned it with a score of 97! The unfortunate part to that is had I been focused all the way to the end of the course she'd have had a 100 :(

She was just doing super and when we got to the last exercise, it was a HALT, 1 STEP SIT, 2 STEPS SIT, 3 STEPS SIT.... and on the 2nd sit I congratulated her. I knew I had one more to go, but I was so excited to have finished her title I didn't pay attention and her 3rd sit was not in heel... so we lost 3pts. I was so bummed! That sit was the difference between a 1st and 3rd place in the class. But, I'm still absolutely thrilled with her and her work ethic.

Up next for her will be a show end of October in which I am hoping she finishes her Beginner Novice Obedience title.

Between now and then we are working on attention while in heel and better stays

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Posted on Sunday, October 30, 2011 7:32 AM

I know I haven't said it enough, but Pebbles is just awesome! On Oct. 29, 2011 she earned her Rally Novice title with her highest score of 92/100. I was so proud of her.

The next step for her since she is definately not ready for off leash, is to try the Beginner Novice Obedience. The biggest transition for her in that is going from Rally where I can talk to her, to not being able to say a word. So, that certainly will take some work.

I originally had no plans for anymore shows the rest of the year, but since she did so well, even with the break in training, I'm thinking I'll bring her back to the Ridgefield show in December.

So more teenager training info coming soon!

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Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:53 AM

What can I write about this girl??? She has been a bit of a puzzle for me. She also finished her AKC Rally Novice Title this weekend which for some time I never thought possible. Before I go any farther, I have to thank Adrienne at Rogue Retrievers. Without her, this title would never have happened and I would still be pulling my hair out.

Anyone who has been to my house and met this beautiful girl has likely heard this story, but my goodness its a frustrating one that ends good. I bought her as a pup across country. When I got her home, I had a beautiful pup that had no idea how to be indoors, around dogs, people, and in general had zero manners. Likely, she was poorly socialized and not handled by the breeder. Worst part is that she lacked the ability to focus on treats, or toys as an effort to calm and train her. I had a beautiful dog with an outstanding pedigree and nothing else.

As fate, or my planning would have it I brought in 2 other pups and kept one of my own that were darn close to her same age. Big mistake! I'm sure its a common thing that people do, but since Pebbles, Teva, and Sonic were near the same age and WANTED to work I spent time with everyone else but her.

So, 3-4 months ago I was hitting the wall with her. She was destructive, hyper (in a calm way if thats possible), and unwilling to even attempt what I was asking her. In other words, she was nothing like the goldens I was used to producing. I got nervous because obviously I don't want to introduce this type of temperament into my breeding program. And, I couldn't rehome her because if I didn't want her in my house, why would I stick that on someone else. She is a gorgeous girl, but that means nothing to me if she doesn't have a brain to go with it.

I began looking for trainers. I settled on Adrienne and couldn't have been happier with the results. She was gone for about 6 weeks. The first 3 were spent without me and then the second 3 weeks, I did lessons with Adrienne and Storm. I sent away a dog I nearly couldn't stand and got back a loyal, loving, and SMART companion. She is a full time house dog now that I can fully trust to not misbehave (aside from the wax incident).

So Rose City....

She is a bit different because with knowing her background I was hoping that an RN title would be the best she could do and I'd be ecstatic if she actually got it. I entered her hoping to qualify. And that truly was the only hope/expectation.

Now if I was smarter handler, I'd have picked a different show because this is the most stressful on a dog that I know of. Tons of strangers want to pet, play, and barge into the dogs personal space... and that's just before you get into the ring. Then, we get in the ring and suddenly all those people are on the outside watching and a human is in the ring with a clipboard and all these cones. Shocking to a dog that is unsure of herself. On Sunday she even earned an 88! Not a great score except that she didn't do the DOWN, so her entire rest of the pattern lost only 2 points. That part is awesome.

Let me say, this girl was a trooper. She didn't give me a down all weekend, but considering I get them about 60% at home, I wasn't terribly surprised. (again keeping to my expectations) She handled all of it like a champ and bless her heart, was so tired at night that she would lay flat out and only acknowledge my presence by a couple wags of the tail as I walked by and return to sleep.

Based on her performance and new WILLINGNESS to please, I think I will keep going with her. Beginner Novice Obedience will be next. She is just coming out of her shell and I cannot wait to see what I can do with her over the next year.


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Posted on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:18 AM

What a weekend! I want to start this off by saying that Sonic DID earn his AKC Rally Novice Title this weekend. As you continue reading, you may understand why it is extra surprising and wonderful...

I entered Sonic in this dog show for a couple reasons:

1. I'm not sure how to control his curl yet, so conformation was out of the question. I'm not missing the biggest show of the year!

2. I had trained on him very aggressively for obedience from the age of 3-8 months, entered him in the Canby show, but chickened out because I was already showing Pebbles and I thought the stress of showing 2 very young dogs was just more than I wanted to deal with.

3. I figured with 3 weeks before the show I could polish off anything he didn't remember and we'd be good to go.

4. I work well with a deadline... so more than anything this gave me a goal.

They sounded like good reasons before I got there, but as always, looking back its easy to pick out mistakes.

The biggest problem with that list is that my days kept ticking away and I trained very few of them. I had 21 days to prepare and knowing that I did one outdoor training session and a very short one in my living room. Then, when I normally would've done a crash course the week before, we were completely snowed in leading up to the show. So his prep was pretty much non existent.

The great news is that for the most part he did really fantastic... especially considering I was asking him to remember everything he learned almost a year ago, in a very distracting setting. He earned qualified marks on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Rose City is busy every day, but Saturday the ring was surrounded by people about 6 deep and, well, he wanted to look at them not at me.

I was pretty ticked afterward, but the only real person to be mad at was myself. First off, I expected him to qualify because he did well the first 2 days. But this isn't the real problem. When playing and coaching basketball I always wanted to be prepared to step on the court with the chance to win every time. If I was playing, What was my job help make that happen? If I was coaching, What did I need to do to put the best team on the floor possible and give each person the opportunity to have success? Now, that also applies to the show ring. I went into this show with the hope to qualify, not to win. I did not put my dog out there in a way that would help him be his most successful tail wagging self. However, inspite of my missteps he performed above a level that he should have and gave 110%.

This leads me to a few important things to live by- and these work if you want to compete AND if you just have the best pet EVER.


The only reason this past weekend resulted in a title was because (the dog is awesome!) and because I put loads of time and effort in him as a young dog. His foundation was solid. I was asking him things he had done a billion times in a billion different places. Though foggy, if taught it can be remembered with ease.


I've hit on this in a few other blogs, but I can't repeat this enough. For 8 months before this dog show the only thing that my dog has been asked to do was have good manners in the house, run with the horses, play (mud, snow, rain), and eat. That is pretty basic. In my case, I expected my dog to get to this dog show and magically do the stays when I hadn't even asked him to think about one for 8+ months. He did everything else though. And, I am a lucky girl that he humored me. I say this as someone who needs to take her own advice... If you aren't getting the behavior at home, don't expect it in public.

If this weekend taught me anything, it solidified my belief in how important the early stages of training are for setting a good foundation for the rest of the dogs life.

Put in the time NOW.

Spend the money on training NOW.

It is much harder to retrain a dog that pulls on the leash as a 70lb dog than to teach a 10lb puppy that never knows what it feels like to pull against the leash.

The same goes for a dog that jumps on people, chews on inappropriate things, and in general is mischievous :)

It can be fixed or never be a habit if taught from the beginning.


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trisha: Posted on Monday, October 04, 2010 9:59 AM

I am getting so excited for tomorrow! Agility class #2 will get crackin'! I have bought a bare minimum of stuff to make a few jumps to practice and have looked for all sorts of random things for her to go under and around. I do worry that this hurts us in obedience, but I cannot even describe the joy on Promise's face when she gets to run around for work instead of always being very controlled. Agility is totally a game to her. Toys are already loaded for our lesson tomorrow. How great is it that she can earn a title just by playing a game with me?!? Our training today is going to focus mainly on walking on the offside. Doesn't seem hard probably, but she is so conditioned to be in heal on the left that it is really hard for her to get a grasp on it. So for today...

1. Walking on the right side

2. Sending over jumps

3. Tunnel work

no sweat!

Also we have to work on our figure 8's. On Oct. 30-31 she will be competing in Rally Advanced (I hope to finish that title off), Rally Excellent (1st leg) and for the first time for either of us we'll compete in beginner novice obedience. Yikes!