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trisha: Posted on Friday, October 01, 2010 11:22 AM

sunset goldens, sunset goldens of oregon, puppies, golden retriever puppies, service dogs, golden retriever puppy, sunset HHF, AKC Rally, AKC Obedience, AKC Hunt Tests, Golden Retriever Oregon, Golden Retriever Washington, Golden Retriever I wasn't going to add this section, but I just had an instance myself where a person was less than honest when I was trying to purchase a dog. I was not allowed to see the full litter, the parents, or the pedigrees or registration. That raises many red flags to me as a buyer. So the following are a few basic guidelines to follow and watch out for.

I want to make it clear that while I do breed my dogs, I take the training, temperment, and their health very seriously. I make a great effort to produce quality dogs that are extremely smart and able to do many jobs and be successful when called upon. I don't think that dogs should just be bred to be bred. If you are puppy searching, ask the breeder, "Why did you breed for this litter? What qualities made you want to reproduce and what qualities need improvement?"

Any dog that is of breeding age should have been able to accomplish something that would make it worthwhile to breed to. A person wanting to breed shouldn't do so because they like their pet, or want to have puppies a couple of times. Not Good Enough! Things to be considered are the health of the dog and testing! Plus how do you prove consistent behavior in an untested animal if its bred at a young age? This is where pedigrees are important.

Also, be wary if a breeder won't discuss both the good and not as good qualities about their dogs. NO DOG IS PERFECT. They all have different personalities, motivations, and tendencies. This is what makes a dog fit well with one family, but not another. I absolutely love my dogs and think they are the greatest, but I can also tell you frontwards and backwards everything about them and if they can do the job you want them to do or not. Also, be realistic in what you are expecting from your new dog.

This topic today has gone very different from what I started out. But since I'm on it, when looking for a new pup PLEASE check out the paperwork and the parents in detail. Make sure you are getting the AKC paperwork you are expecting. Make sure the testing results have the matching microchip number on them from the dog. This is so important. If they don't have it, DO NOT assume it is coming or accurate when it gets there. A reputable breeder has this and loads more of information available and on hand when you visit. After all, when buying a quality dog, you are of course looking for the initial look and temperament that you want, but also you are paying for knowledge of the breeder plus confirmed knowledge about lineage and health from many past generations.

You may view pedigrees of my dogs by visiting and typing in the registered name. Health info is also usually listed on each pedigree. I always have current pedigrees and health certificates on site to view as should all breeders and my dogs are available to view, pet, and play with as to help get an accurate feel for each dogs temperment.

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