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HOW DID I END UP HERE post 42 from old blog

Posted on May 29, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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How did I end up here?

trisha: Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013 11:34 PM

I can't seem to stop thinking about this lately, so another blog entry seemed like the only reasonable fix. It comes at a time when I feel so busy at home with family (2 young babies in particular) with dogs, with puppies, and with life in general. Still things are really fantastic and I feel so fortunate for everything that I am blessed with and am able to do.

As a new litter begins to head home, words cannot express how thankful I am that I have families taking in my puppies that love and treat them as family members and plan ahead for training so that everyone can have a happy life long relationship. It sounds silly, but I am so grateful. A certain amount of "homework" is necessary to be prepared for a new puppy and I appreciate those that do it!

This Litter in particular, has brought on a couple awesome opportunities coming up soon. I'm unsure how it happened, but somehow I ended up with 5 puppies heading to California. I certainly don't usually have half a litter head out of state, but it got me to remembering my trip with Pebbles for a hunt test and I started to wonder if a hunt test was coming up around the time these guys were due to go home. A quick check tells me their is!!! Crazy as it is, a plan is born and we will soon be heading to California to deliver puppies (2 for service, 1 for hunting, 1 to a very experienced obedience competitor, and 1 as a pet) and for a 2 day hunt test.

Now, when I say we, I mean WE! I can only imagine it will be much like a traveling circus. The car will be loaded with my husband, myself, our 5 kids (ages 2months-13yrs) 5 puppies, and Bobbie for the hunt tests. I'm worn out after typing it so I can only imagine the array of things we will experience along the way :)

Today I went to train with Bobbie. She had been training very well, but today was a mixed bag. Her marking has been good, but today she was 50/50 because she got so excited she wouldn't sit still and didn't quite see where the bird landed. She also has been doing much better on her recalls. Her recall for Adrienne (who by the way is freaking fantastic at training my dogs for hunt tests :) is amazing. Problem for me is that at this point in her life, she has spent much more time with Adrienne than she has with me. So she is having a little confusion over who mom is when we are both out with her. Last time, she did great and came right to me. Today, again, 50/50. What has been wonderfully consistent is her having a great hold and now sitting pretty near heel position to deliver the bird. I can pet, love, and talk to her while she holds the bumper. When I gave her to Adrienne, I had her in a pretty bad habit of retrieving the bird and then getting 3-4ft away from me and playing keep away, or just dropping it. So her holds are a huge success! So, IF she marks, and IF she finds the bird, and IF she brings it back to me, and IF she delivers to hand, we will have 2 successful hunt tests :) THATS A LOT OF IF'S TO DRIVE 2200 MILES!!! It is a good thing I'm not banking this whole trip on this test. Remember that car full of people???

In all of this crazy planning, I also got to thinking that if I needed to take puppies, and a hunt test was at the same time, why not take the whole family and enjoy California? Last year I had an absolute blast taking Zach and Leah with me for Pebbles hunt test for the world's shortest vacation/hunt test. Great bonding with some of the family and a new title for the dog. Woo HOO! So, it turns out that this particular hunt test is smack dab in the middle of everything fun! Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, the beach... the list goes on. The kids that didn't go with us last year are super excited just to go the The Jelly Belly Factory because last year, Zach got some of those nasty tasting jelly beans and when we got home we played a trick on every one and they all ate the gross ones. :))))) So certainly some fun is to be had.

Now, how does this relate to dogs and being thankful? LOL. That was supposed to be the point of this when I started writing :)

Well, can we drive to CA anytime? YES.

Can we visit theme parks anytime? YES.

Can we do a hunt test in OR? YES.

Could puppies be shipped rather than delivering in person? YES.

Is an estimated 35+ hours of driving with 5 kids and 6 dogs crazy? YES

The problem is that while I can answer yes to those, I'm not sure we would have actually done it without this falling into place. We have talked about going to Disneyland ASAP because Zach is 13 and he "needs" to go before he grows up and is too old for it. Still, we kept putting it off. So, when the stars align we have to take advantage and I am just simply going to have faith that this will not only work out, but be a TON OF FUN!!!

I am so thankful for the opportunities and kicks in the rear that the dogs have given to me. This will be my little plug for training your dog, but I never would have imagined how wonderful this journey has been. It started before this, but an amazing boy named Riley and his family totally changed what I valued in my dogs and ultimately the direction I have now headed with what they are accomplishing. I have met amazing people. I have seen dogs do things that you cannot imagine and that people are just not capable of alone. For so many things, the dog is the missing link. HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR SOMETHING AND JUST NOT MADE THE TIME TO FOLLOW THROUGH???

I got sidetracked again! However this trip ends up, THANK YOU ADRIENNE for your wonderful wonderful care of my dogs and the huge effort you take to train my silly Goldens. It means the world to me that you can get them to do things that I cannot and that they like to work for you. I will never go hunt a real bird, but I am hooked on seeing Goldens doing things they should naturally do. Thank you for that!

I'm really just rambling, so stop reading this and go train your dog!!! Where will it take you?!?

On a side note... I've got camo boots now! Nobody in California will ever know I train my dogs in flip flops :)

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