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The following are dogs that we Co-own with other people/families and the dogs live with them.  It allows me the ability to continue my lines with a wide range of pedigrees available without having to have a huge kennel or a bunch of dogs. Goldens MUST be with people.  They thrive on it.  All dogs listed on this page are all working towards titles in Performance or Conformation.  I DO NOT send dogs to other homes to "have puppies."   Dogs listed on this page are being trained to their full potential in whatever discipline that may be.   If you would like more information on any of these dogs please ask!  It sadly may not always be current. 

Sunset HHF RadioActive
Sire: Whiskey Creeks Taken The Long Road (AKC ptd and made the cut at Nationals 2016)
Dam:  Int'l CH Sunset HHF Forever Erma TDI CGC

Sunset HHF Summertime Blues
Sire: Int'l CH Sunset HHF Sonic Gold-Rush RN CCA
Dam: Sunset HHF This Is My Fight Song BN 

Tessa and her mom had an excellent day at their first dog show for both!  Tessa was Best Of Breed in the 4-6 month puppy class.  Then, she went on to WIN SPORTING GROUP!!!  That is a first for my dogs at an AKC show so needless to say I am super excited for what else she may be doing as she gets older.  Check back for pictures and updates.

Tessa has already been to a few therapy visits with her new owner.  She will go to her first conformation show in Albany, OR for the 4-6 month puppy class.  Her eventual job will hopefully as a search and rescue dog.  She is a beautiful, sassy girl with lots of go and love to give. 

Sunset HHF Mowgli
Sire:  Whiskey Creeks Taken The Long Road (AKC Ptd)
Dam:  Int'l CH Sunset HHF Forever Erma TDI CGC

Mowgli is Curie's full brother.  He is in a wonderful pet home with an experienced trainer that I am secretly hoping will catch to bug to do some competition.  He has a very easy going nature with a little bit of spunk!  He will have frozen semen available to approved girls at the appropriate age. 

Sunset HHF This Is My Fight Song BN
(AKC Best of Breed Puppy 4-6 Months) 
Sire: CH Mtn Views Whats The Rush CGC
Dam: Int'l CH Pour Some Sugar On Me RA BN TDI CCA CGC

Luna has shown in Conformation in the 4-6 month puppy class going Best Of Breed Puppy February 2016. 
e was just released to her new home (that was really hard on me!) She will be a full time therapy dog at a writing school.  I am so excited for her and her new family as they embark on training for that. I am no doubt excited to see what the future holds for her. She Is a 4th generation of my breeding.   
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Testing info will be added as it becomes age appropriate.
10-generation COI  3.16% (✓ less than breed average of 8.79%)

Sunset TBD

Sire:  CH Shyan's Its Not A Party Without Me CGC TDI
Dam:  Int'l CH Sunset HHF Pebbles JH RA CGC
Pedigree coming soon

This puppy joined a service dog organization and will be a foundation for their breeding program.

Sunset HHF Packed With Peanuts
Sire: Am CH Shyans Its Not A Party Without Me
Dam:  Sunset HHF Bailey Woodin

He will be showing in AKC conformation in 2017
He thought his first show was a party!  He was a fabulous guy at his first show.  He ended up with Best of Breed from the Goldens and got to go back in for Sporting Group Puppy.
He certainly has lots of wiggles to work out, but we are excited to get to show #2!

He was bred for conformation showing so that is our main goal, but he has an awesome nose on him so who knows what else he can get into this next year.

Sunset HHF Summit Stargazer CGC CGCA CGCU
Sire:  Int'l CH Sunset HHF Sonic Gold-Rush RN CCA CGC
Dam:  Int'l CH Pour Some Sugar On Me RA BN TDI CCA CGC

Summit is a therapy dog and that is just one of the many hats she wears. She had to complete 100 visits and she's in the 90's. She is currently working on her obedience novice title and is also going to get her rally novice by the end of the year. She has her trick dog intermediate title. She will be shown at the end of this year at 4 different shows AKC and UKC. Titles on her name are CGC, CGCA, and CGCU but obedience novice and therapy will be added very soon. She has also done dock diving and mild nose work just for fun. 

UKC CH Sunset HHF Walk Among The Stars TD
#8 Golden Retriever UKC 2016 and will be competing in Michigan at the UKC Premier!
Sire:  Crangold Sunshines Skiing Cross Country (AKC PTD)
Dam:  Int'l CH Pour Some Sugar On Me RA BN TDI CCA CGC


Eva and Cindy have finished as the #8 Golden Retriever in UKC in 2016.  In just 2 weekends of showing, Eva was Best of Breed 6 times, had three Group 1's and a Group 2, and was two times RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.  

In 2/2017 Eva passed her TD Certification and hopefully get into a test this spring.

She is with an amazing trainer (and friend) that I am unbelievably hopeful she will become the first Sunset Golden OTCH and other amazing things along the way.  Her conformation is awesome and her focus and ability are endless.  At her puppy evaluation, she was labeled as "exceptional"  We shall see...

COI 1.89% (10 generations) 



Sunset HHF Aristotle JH WC
Sire: Whispering Firs Tucker Boy Thistle Rock SH
Dam: Int'l CH Sunset HHF Pebbles JH RN CGC

Aristotle was given the
PRGRCO Field Dog Award for 2016!

He will begin training for his Senior work in 2017.
Aristotle is currently competing in AKC Junior HuntAristotle just competed at the 2016 Golden Retriever National Specialty!
He was a rock star earning his WC. 
 Tests.  He got his second pass on 9/11/16. He got his first pass on 7/10/16.  He is very dark red.  I am so excited for his future!

Please click this link for a video of his Land Double at the GRCA National Specialty

He will be available to approved girls.

COI 0.06% (10 generations)

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Sunset HHF The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Pictures coming soon!

Annie's Pedigree

Sunset HHF Sonic's Scarlet Duchess

Duchess is my pick puppy from an outside litter that I bred.  I am excited for her as she is a 50/50 combo of show and field lines.  She is in such a wonderful, committed home that is starting first with Rally and Obedience.  She also happens to be quite a looker!!!  Updates as they come.

Sunset HHF Midas With The Golden Touch

Midas is a calm, happy-go-lucky kind of guy.  He has all the needed pieces to make a wonderful therapy dog.