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This page featuring my boys is a representation of the different males that we own/co-own.  However, Sonic is the only one that is available to breed outside dogs.  To do so, they need to have had the appropriate health screens as directed by GRCA and be over the age of 24 months.  These tests include, but are not limited to, Heart, Hip, Elbow, and Eye exams.  I'd also recommend PRA and Ichtyosis testing, but I do not require them because Sonic is Clear for both.  Potential females must have also earned and AKC title.  Please email if with more questions.  I do have other boys available for breeding (as listed on my co-own page) but they are for personal use within our breeding program only.

Mattiaci Crocodile Hunter

Int'l CH Sunset HHF Sonic Gold-Rush RN CCA CGC





PRA CLEAR (071 621 304)



I cannot believe Sonic will turn 6 this year!  Sonic still continues to be an example of everything a Golden should be.  Smart, healthy, beautiful, and full of love.  Currently he has just been hanging out at home being a "guard dog" and loving on his favorite boy.  His favorite thing to do is to get muddy and play fetch.  If both can be accomplished at the same time it is even better!  People that have been out to meet him have seen him arrive at the gate with a toy (not being a guard dog) or laying in the living room throwing himself a toy because nobody will throw it for him at the moment.  Life has been busy, but we do hope to show him in Veteran Conformation next year.

"Sonic" is a ball of energy and he has a "look at me attitude."  Knowing that,it is hard not to lose site of the fact that he cannot do anything without having at least 2 toys in his mouth... so possibly a hunter as well and got his first outing with ducks in Mid-June. He has a combined 42 out of 62 Champions and various other titles in 5 generations.  His OFA, CERF, and PRA  and ICHTYOSIS testing is complete! His sire had OFA EXCELLENT hips and his dam had OFA GOOD hips!